No soup for you!

It’s a yucky day. So I decided to make vegetable soup with mixed beans in it. I eat a high fiber diet so I used pumpkin, green beans, carrots, peas and corn in it. I put chili powder, vegetable bullion, garlic powder, cumin, and celery salt in with the beans while they fast soaked (I boiled the water and then they soak for an hour). Threw everything in the slow cooker and now I’m enjoying a day on the couch. I had enough activity yesterday I need a day of rest.

However every time I make any type of soup I think of Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi episode with Elaine. I mean how can you not? I will share my vegetable soup with the wife tonight. We’ll both enjoy it, it smells really good! There is just something about cold rainy/overcast days that make me want a good hearty soup. The nice thing about having my slow cooker is I can throw everything in it and then just leave it be all day. I like nice and easy!


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