It’s like learning to walk…again….

So thank you Mr. Blood Clot…. I don’t always have weakness in my leg and need to walk with a cane, but today I did. It’s a combination of my last two spinal surgeries and the blood clot apparently. Well the thing about walking with a cane is you have to be a little more coordinated than I am, or you have to be set at a slower speed than I am…or maybe its BOTH! I am getting better at walking with the cane, but it is not for the faint of heart…which is kind of funny when you think about it.

I did NOT give up on walking with it today so I think I should get a mental dozen roses for that one and a pat on the back! OUCH! I think I patted myself too hard.. JUST KIDDING! Often when I get frustrated I want to give up, but I stuck with it today even when I was starting to get frustrated. I know that it’s a rhythm and the more I practice the easier it will be for me and the more I stop thinking about it, the more I will just do it. I think often I over think stuff.

Today was a good day, my body decided to be a rooster and wake up an hour before the alarm was set, and usually I just go back to sleep, but today I was too awake for that, so I got up. I got dressed, fed the cat so she would stop meowing at me and got myself dressed and ready for the day. Got some bills paid and ready for the mail.

This is the beginning of the holiday season and things are going to kick into high gear and before we know it 2015 will be over. So I’m trying to enjoy the slow days while they last!

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