T.S.I (Treat Sniffing Investigator)

We have a cat named Creme. She is 8 years old and she thinks she is my girlfriend. Seriously this cat LOVES me, more than my wife which is REALLY funny. As my wife puts it she’s the Mom, I’m the girlfriend! The cat has an odd temperament that is for sure. She is part Siamese we can tell, she was a stray so we’re not sure what breeds she might be besides the Siamese, possibly Calico from her coloring, other than that anyone’s guess is as good as ours!

So after Halloween I found this t-shirt that said Treat Sniffing Investigator and is meant for a dog because let’s be real cats don’t let you put cute t-shirts on them…well most cats! Creme has learned to let me put the shirt on her, takes some pictures giggle and tell her how cute she is as she gives me this I would plot your death look, but then I would lose the love of my life so I guess I’ll just sit here and take it….Then I take my pictures, take off the shirt and give her a handful of treats which she eats and pretends to scowl at me, and usually in about 5 minutes comes over for petting. Yup, she knows how to play the game!

Now the wife shakes her head at the whole game because she can’t believe that Creme actually allows this to happen because if she would even come within about 5 feet of her with a shirt Creme would run. I do it and Creme just sits there, like I know this is going to happen one way or another so the faster we can get this over with the better. The other thing that happened this morning is that wife was trying to help me with putting on the shirt and Creme tried to bite her, but me she didn’t even bat at me. She did not like this game because obviously the rules are different for her.

So I got the shirt on, got my pictures, got my giggles told Creme what a pretty kitty she was to which I got the usual death stares. Which of course made me giggle more because I knew she was secretly plotting my death and that somehow amuses me. Then we took it off her gave her a few more treats and I put the shirt away.

It’s the little things in life that bring me joy!

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