When I lived abroad….

Mom and I were talking about when I lived in Spain. Yup I lived in Spain for a semester when I was in college. I lived in France too, down in Martinique down in the Caribbean, it’s an island. It was AWESOME. Trust me black sandy beaches (yes they have black sand because of the volcano it’s GORGEOUS!). I have also traveled to Switzerland, Canada, the Grand Cayman’s and Mexico when I was in Girl Scouts. So I have done a bit of traveling, but why my semester in Spain came up recently was the attacks in Paris. One of the US causalities was a study abroad student from California State University. Mom said she remembered that she and Dad told me that no matter how much it cost if I didn’t feel safe in Spain they would pay for me to drop out and come home. I was studying in Spain in the Spring of 2003 and the United States went to war with Iraq. The war was not popular and there were anti-war protest in the city I was studying in and while my safety was never compromised we didn’t know that in the beginning.

I did finish my semester with all As and Bs. I had wonderful experiences and I would love to go back to Spain one day if I am physically able to, which with the back issues and now the blood clot being a world traveler is harder and harder. I am thankful for all the experiences that I have had and I told Mom that there was only one time that I almost got caught in a protest and that was only because I turned right instead of left when I was walking home from school. I turned around walked really quickly the opposite direction found a safe place to stop and find the closest bus stop and hopped the bus to get home.

The world can be a scary place, but I do believe we have to live our lives because one day we can wake up and be making our wife breakfast in bed and the next minute you are passed out on top of her almost dead from a blood clot. I mean it happened to me! It didn’t happen when I was half way around the world in another country almost swept up in an anti-US, anti-war protest, it happened in my bedroom, in my home. We can’t control when our death will come, it will happen when it will happen. Doesn’t mean we should put our life in danger and do stupid things like lite a firecracker in our hand and see what happens, etc but we do need to live.

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