Happy Turkey Day

Gobble Gobble! It’s that wonderful day of the year where everyone wears their fat pants so they can consume 4,000 calories in one meal! Yup it’s Thanksgiving Day!! WOOT! Make sure you wear that one pair of jeans that is really a size too big but no one ever notices so you don’t have to pass on the pumpkin pie!

In all seriousness…wait who am I trying to kid?? I have a big day planned to spend with family and I am excited! Can you tell? My body was so excited it woke me up an hour before it should have! YAY!….. I am really happy to be spending Thanksgiving with my in-laws and my parents. My Mother in-law is doing most of the cooking and she invited my parents and brother over and so we’re going to have a lovely day. My wife’s Grandmother will be there which will be awesome.

I’m really thankful I get to spend this Thanksgiving with family and not buried somewhere. I mean I’m sure Jesus can make a mean sweet potato pie, but I’d like to make a few more memories down here on Earth first. Plus I got to work on a few more jokes and a better routine before meeting him, I want to have a show stopper at my first audition with St. Peter. Can you imagine me at the Pearly Gates, St. Peter looking at me and me blowing my audition? He might not let me in!

This has been a hectic week for us, but I think all holiday weeks are just built like that, and then last night we were driving home and we got to the stop sign and I looked up at the full moon and it was just gorgeous. I said to Jenna how beautiful is that? It was so beautiful it took my breath away, and for the first time since this whole blood clot thing happened it really wasn’t the blood clot stealing my breath! It was so pretty and I thought to myself in all the crazy of this week this is what I needed this moment at this stop sign looking at the full moon and thinking how blessed I am! I am too blessed to be stressed out; tomorrow is Thanksgiving we are going to have a wonderful meal, good company and lots of laughs, because hey I’ll be there!

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