Alice’s Restaurant

“You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant.” So you see we had a great day yesterday, I am sore this morning and I am going to have to rest up. My back is sore which I knew it would be, my knees are popping but that’s more from the cold weather than anything else. We had soooo much delicious food! In our family we have a couple people who are Gluten Free, a vegetarian and everyone else so there were lots of choices when it came to what you wanted to eat. We even had a vegan turkey style gluten free gravy. Yup you read that correctly! Vegan gravy! You see what had happened was…I bought it the first time because I saw Turkey gluten free gravy somehow I skipped over the style when I read it, so I bring it home we make it. It tastes delicious, Jenna is reading the package and goes did you know this is vegan? I go wait what?? She goes yup! Vegan gravy. I go I did not I saw it was gluten free and turkey and wanted to try it!

So after we had our fill of turkey, ham, green bean casserole, lima beans, creamed spinach, macaroni and cheese, tamale pie, stuffing, sweet potatoes, corn pudding, deviled eggs, cranberry salad, and other items I am now forgetting my brother in law said he wanted a story. Well I tell him you are in luck because sitting beside me is a PROFESSIONAL storyteller! My father is in fact a professional storyteller (and a very good one!). So my father leans back in his chair a bit folds his hands over his belly and starts telling the tale of Alice’s Restaurant. Now if you have heard Arlo Gutrie’s song Alice’s Restaurant live you have heard the story that precedes it and yes ladies and gentlemen that is the story my father so carefully crafted for us.

The wonderful thing about my father and his storytelling is that he has it mastered. As he started out you felt like you were listening on the front porch of some country store down South, and he knows all the right points in his story to get very animated. When I was younger he would volunteer to come into my classes and tell historical stories about different things that actually happened. The teachers loved it because he really does know how to make it come alive and he has done all the research so all his stories are factual.

So he gets done with his story and everyone agreed that was a very good story to tell, and thanked him for his tale. Yesterday was a very good Thanksgiving. It was a long day, but I enjoyed it. We had lots of good family time, lots of laughs, and lots of good memories made!

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