Why be normal?

We see the memes why be normal when you are meant to standout? I really do believe that normal is highly overrated unless you are talking about chronic pain. When you are talking about pain levels I want to be normal, I want to be pain free, in that realm I want normal. Outside of that I agree normal is overrated.

As children we spend a lot of time trying to fit in with our peer group which I had very little luck with because I found very few of my peers really understood me. As an adult I could careless if people like me, I find people who have similar interests as me and those are the ones I am friends with and talk with and interact with on a daily basis. As children we want to be friends with everyone, as an adult I understand that there are a lot of people I won’t see eye to eye with and that’s okay because I don’t have to be friends with everyone. My wife laughs that I have a rather long block list on my FB account and I told her that’s for my own serenity. I have learned that sometimes you just have to limit your own access.

I have a lot of hidden gifts and talents and some not so hidden gifts and talents. I have had a lot of adventures in my life, met a lot of interesting people because I have tried not to be normal. My wife had on her bucket list to go and hear the Dali Lama, so I got us tickets to go and hear the Dali Lama. We’ve gone and seen Margaret Cho. I’ve been hugged by Richard Simmons, and kissed by John Denver. I’ve lived an interesting life. I like to experience new things and met people and do different things.

I love to live life and now that I should be dead I’ve decided that I am definitely going to continue my why be normal and try and be as abnormal as possible and live life to the fullest because hey I have a giant blood clot and why not?

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