Social Cues

My Dad’s birthday is this week so we went out and had lunch with him and it was lovely. I had a fantastic time eating lunch with everyone. We laughed we talked the kids made us laugh and we took some pictures. It was a good time. One of my Dad’s college buddies came, who is also my Godfather, yes I do mean my GODFATHER, so don’t mess with me! We got to catch up some and we had a lovely lunch. At the end of lunch my blood clot wanted to be a pain which really isn’t anything new so I was rubbed my chest a bit and being the wonderful Godfather that he is he asked if I was alright and I assured him that I was and am.

Of course that got me to thinking about social cues people make up to get themselves out of situations and how I could never do that because I talk with my hands too much and I am too forgetful and knowing me I would confuse I have to pee with I’m going to die. So I would be talking with someone and give the I’m going to die signal to Jenna who would be talking across the room and she would rush to my side ready to whisk me off to the ER and I would look at her dumbfounded and be like I just need to pee why do you have my coat? And she would smack her head and go you said you were dying!!!! I would look at my hands and go “My bad! But I really need to pee!! Where’s the bathroom again??”

Of course being the wonderful and loving wife that she is she would shake her head laugh at me, be very glad that I wasn’t dying and take me to the bathroom while telling me that I had just given her a heart attack. I would spend the rest of the night apologizing…or until I forgot and made the same faux pas because well let’s face it…it’s me!

We had a great meal, great company and we always love the family time. I am so blessed to have a family who loves us and we can spend time with and who live close enough that we can get together for birthday lunches. I am wiped out because it doesn’t take much excitement to wipe me out, but at least I had a great day and it was totally worth it! The restaurant we went to we have been going to for years, since my brother was a baby and he’s 20 now! Of course I want a nap, but it’s too late in the day for me to be napping no matter now tempting that seems!

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