Low battery

Thanksgiving was awesome, my back did not agree however. So I have been running my stimulator pretty much non-stop since then and my battery was running low this morning so I had to charge it since I forgot to last week. So I put up my normal “Charging my butt” FB status because who can’t use a good morning chuckle? I mean that is why I word it that way. The battery is located in my hip to be more accurate, but it’s funnier to make people think its a bit lower. So I sat for 90 minutes catching up on some shows and charging my battery. Usually it doesn’t take the full 90 minutes, but when its low it does.

So I’ve been trying to think of creative holiday presents and what I want to accomplish this year and what I have accomplished this past year outside of developing an impressive blood clot…which I wasn’t trying to it just sort of happened! I think sometimes we forget to sit and recharge our battery, with mine my stimulator stops working so I have to sit down and charge it or I go without, but our emotional battery gets run down and we can ignore it for awhile. We tell ourselves that we’ll rest once this or that gets done. I’ll take a break I just got to get through this event or that. I’ll do something for myself once I get through the holidays, but you can’t fill others up if you are constantly running on empty.

So if you need to recharge your battery make sure you do something for you today. It doesn’t have to be a long something it could be a short 5 minute something to give yourself a short charge. This holiday season don’t let yourself go on low battery for long because your emotional battery is important too!

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