No Catalog….

“No, I haven’t seen Mom’s catalog.”

“I don’t know what it looks like.”

This is the point where I think my wife is talking to me and it’s not some just random dream….. so I respond.

“What catalog?”

“I can’t hear you what’s wrong? It sounds like something about a raccoon!”

So I take off the sleep apnea mask and I repeat what catalog? To which I find out that my wife who has been trouble sleeping the last couple of nights was dreaming about a Virginia Slims catalog….why she was dreaming about that not quite sure. So I know feel bad that I have awoken her from her dreams, so we go back to sleep. Well I lay there and lay there and lay there and now my sleep issues have kicked in. I typically can sleep for a stretch, but then once I’m up, I’m up, well apparently my body felt like I had slept for long enough that it should now be awake.

So after trying to fall back asleep for 20 minutes I get up. I check the info on my machine I’ve slept for 5.7 hours…YIKES! I’m hoping that I can go back to sleep here shortly, or even take a morning nap because I can tell you that is not enough sleep for me.

The other thing I noticed is that my leg is sore which there is a fine line right now because I have to be aware of different possible blood clot symptoms, but not cry wolf. Well my leg was spasming and hurt, and I my heart rate was up, but I don’t want to go to the doctor unless I have some other reason to believe I need to because I don’t want to be seen as a worry wort. There is this fine line between noticing changes and monitoring everything and going to the doctor for every ache and pain.

So for now I sit by the computer with the cat curled up next to me which is weird because she is not a lap cat, but I think because I’m up too early I took her spot and she’s getting back at me! hahaha and I’m drinking my water because it’s always important to drink water, and hopefully I can go back to bed in a bit and get some more rest.


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