Our cat is anything BUT a lap cat. In fact she is more of the I would rather bite you than sit on your lap and be petted. She has a wild streak in her and her eyes go cross….literally. So I have been worried this week because she has been spending a lot of time next to me. Like sitting on top of my mouse right next to me, touching me….I think she’s plotting my demise…I mean why else would she be doing that?

This cat will bite Jenna on a whim and Jenna is her rescuer. This cat owes Jenna her life, and how does she repay her?? Luckily we usually can tell when she is going into wild streak mood, or when she might bite by her eyes starting to go cross and she just has this look. Every once in awhile she will just bite, now the crazy cat ladies…eerrr cat experts say that often cats will bite when they have been taken away from their mothers too soon and Jenna will tell you that Creme was abandoned by her mother early, and she did have to bottle feed her as a kitten, so there might be some truth to this. We love Creme she is a good kitty 97.34% of the time. However I really have begun to wonder about her this week and her need to be next to me, like plastered next to me this week. I keep waiting for something bad to happen. Okay cat, you are sitting on my mouse (which of course causes it to fly all over the screen when I least expect it to), you are acting like you want to be a lap kitty, which of course you have NO IDEA HOW TO BE, and you keep rubbing your face on the corner of my laptop like you are sweet and innocent, but I know the truth!

She also keeps sniffing me which I’m pretty sure that means I’m her next meal, so every time I get up to go to the bathroom I check to make sure she has food in her bowl. I’ve decided this is my way of protecting myself from being her next meal! Actually I’m pretty sure if she decided to eat me, she wouldn’t care about her grain free kitty chow in her bowl, I mean if she’s going to eat me, she’s going to eat me…


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