Ringless AND Married

Don’t let the lack of ring on my left hand fool you, I am HAPPILY married. If you ask why I am currently ringless I will happily tell you why, I have lost about 82lbs since we got married in 2013 and my wedding ring does not fit, in fact about a week and a half ago I went into my purse to pull something out and it slipped off my finger into my purse. I realized that my ring size which we knew is now 2 sizes smaller combined with the colder temperatures made for a situation where my ring could easily fall off my finger. I chose to leave my wedding ring in my purse until we got home to put it safely in my jewelry box.

Now about 2 weeks ago, maybe even 3 weeks ago my wife and I went and had my finger sized because we knew this day was coming. My wife is actually planning on buying me a replacement wedding ring for Christmas (I know the secret is out, but this is the one gift I asked for because I knew I needed a new one). So yes sir who is hitting on me in the grocery store I am happily married and oh by the way to a woman… SURPRISE!

I was riding on an electric shopping cart because of my back and I was with my Mom, and I did get hit on. This gentleman was teasing me because he and I kept crossing paths, and he noticed I did not have a ring on my finger and he asked what I was doing next. I laughed and said I was going home to cook my wife dinner, boy was he surprised! I of course smiled sweetly, I mean gotta let the guy down gently and all.

You might be surprised how many times I get asked if I am happily married, as if the fact that I am married is not enough to get a guy to back down. So of course I answer yes and I say very happily married to my wife, and sometimes they back of and sometimes they don’t just depends on the guy.


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