Sleep, perhaps to dream

I’ve never quite understood how this seems to work with me. I go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 7:30am, I go to bed at 1am and I wake up at 7:30am…REALLY??!! I think I should be ALLOWED to sleep in, but no not I. Last night I was on the phone for over 3.5 hours which has not happened since I was dating Jenna, and rarely did we talk on the phone that long, we would text that long but rarely do we talk on the phone that long. I was cutting up with a really good friend and before I knew it BOOM! 1am, I’m like how did that happen? I mean it’s like 8pm and then I turn around and it’s 1am, and here recently if I go past the magic pumpkin hour of about 11pm I would have fallen asleep on the couch. I did that the other night, I was waiting for Jenna and I am pretty sure I had fallen asleep on the couch with the laptop in my lap, with my hand on my mouse, I probably looked like a statue if you were just looking at me and I wasn’t snoring….hahaha!

It’s gotten colder outside overall, the last few leaves are beginning to fall, frost is on the car windows in the morning. They say we have a 10-25% chance of a white Christmas. Weather here is always crazy because we can have all 4 seasons in a week I swear! I think that makes it the hardest on me when Mother Nature is bipolar and gives us Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter in about 72 hours. On the blood thinners I am naturally colder and that doesn’t help me either, so I’ve been wearing a scarf that Jenna crocheted last year around this time and her coat! hahaha today we are going to unpack my winter coat now that she wants to wear hers. I keep telling her what’s hers is mine and what’s mine is mine! You would think after being married 2 years she would figure this out already……

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