So I have insomnia and I do not take a prescription sleep aid. However when there are ads for prescription sleep aids, especially for ones that are new on the market they do pique my curiosity. Well I was catching up on the latest Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. today on HULU and lo and behold there was such a commercial and just for me they ran it multiple times. So I am listening to the side effects and most of them are common like not remembering that you go up in the middle of the night to eat, drink, go to the bathroom. Then they said a couple that I thought WHY would you want THESE? So it says in rare instances some patients have confusion and aggression. No thanks! I can have plenty of confusion and aggression without you! Actually when I googled the drug to look up more information the first couple of pages basically told me DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG! One of them was from Consumer Reports….umm yeah not a good start!

I once tried one of these type of drugs, I took it for a couple of days. I talk in my sleep on occasion, but when I am on these drugs I apparently talk NON-STOP. So my poor wife didn’t get ANY sleep, so I went back to my doctor and said for the sake of my marriage this didn’t work. So I just deal with the insomnia. I mean with everything else going on with me I think insomnia is now pretty low on the list of medical woes.

I do believe you need to be a good consumer and look at each drug you take and do research on them and know if the benefits out weigh the risks. There are sometimes that you need to take a medicine that might have some risks but you and your doctor understand that. I do not believe in just taking something because the doctor says I have to because I am an intelligent person and while I did not go to medical school I can research a drug, find out what it is commonly used for, and ask questions about if this drug is appropriate for me and my medical condition.

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