Tears of who knows what….

Oh my GOSH! I have been crying at a drop of a hat this week, and I do know why. I am taking high levels of hormones because in case you are just joining us in October of this year I formed a massive blood clot and tried to die. I didn’t realize I was trying to die until I had 3 doctors tell me I should be dead. Yeah, fun times…NOT!!!! I really didn’t want to die in my 30s. Anyhooo so I’m crying over a lot of dumb stuff this week because my hormones are going a little on the nutso side, but I also was crying because I couldn’t find the title for the vehicle we are in the process of selling. I JUST had it and I lost it. I mean WHO does that? ME!

I looked for it, wife looked for it, Mom looked for it, it’s lost can’t find it, so I was stressed out, I didn’t have the present for the party this evening, crying over that, didn’t feel well, blah blah blah. So I had this list of things that are going wrong and I’m trying not to let things get to me. So I go into the present closet and find a gift, I print off the paperwork to get a new title for the car, we bake the cake, I think okay things are going to be okay. We get to the office to process the paperwork they can’t because it shows in the system the car has been sold, I explain the situation, so they send an e-mail ask if I can come back I smile, leave get in the car break down in tears. (I told you complete waterworks today).

I get called back to get my INR checked for my blood thinner and I breakdown in tears there because I am scared to see what my INR is because I have a feeling it’s bad, and I was right so we have to up the medicine again. I wouldn’t be so frustrated if we knew what was going on with it, but we just don’t know what is going on with it. It was really good in the beginning and now it keeps going really low, and I haven’t done anything different and there are a lot of things in my diet that should actually be bringing it up. So we go for a recheck on Monday and we’ll go from there.

So we go to the party and we are having a good time but I am about to fall asleep on everyone, and I am the youngest in the room. I have a couple people over the age of 80 and they are going strong and I’m about to start snoring! What is wrong with this picture? So I tell them I am really sorry but I need to bid ado for the evening and they laugh about the youngest is breaking up the band, but hey, I gotta go before I start snoring so loud I scare someone right?

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