Who is the Alpha?

I think the cat and I are fighting for Alpha position…and I’m not sure I’m going to win. The bad part of that statement is the part where I state I’m not sure…HAHAHAH The cat as I have stated in another blog post is not a lap cat, so any time she rubs against my arm and spends more of her day around me then sitting sleeping in her favorite chair it worries me greatly. I mean seriously this cat normally snoozes most of the day in her chair and only will leave the chair if she thinks she can get fresh water out of the bathroom sink.

So today she has been sitting next to me, rubbing up against the computer, purring, you name it, I think she’s pretending to be a lap cat, and I’m wondering if I need to call the lawyer. Make sure all my affairs are in order because she’s plotting my death. This cat doesn’t spend this much time next to me unless she has a motive.

So she is currently sitting next to me purring away as I type this, I’m pretty sure my days are numbered. Well at least the cat did me in and not a box of donuts or a blood clot right?


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