So my arms, hands and fingers are numb, but not like when they fall asleep and you can’t use them like tingly numb annoying numb not getting enough blood numb. This happened yesterday, I was putting some of my clothes in the washer and I noticed that both arms went somewhat numb. GREAT! As if I don’t have enough to deal with right now. So I am probably going to have to schedule a doctor’s appointment here shortly to complain about that my body hates me so they can run more tests to tell me that they have no idea what is wrong because let’s face it…they don’t!

I’m not as bitter as that sounds seriously, but it does get frustrating when so much is going on and no one can seem to figure out what is causing what. More than likely there is some chain reaction of things going on and as soon as they find the conductor who can point them to the locomotive we’ll be good, but yeah…don’t see that happening anytime soon. So until then we treat the symptoms and wait for pieces of the puzzle to fit together and anything that doesn’t fit we keep putting aside. Problem is at least to me it seems like a lot more don’t fit than do fit..

But since my hands don’t seem to want to work today I have a feeling today will be a lot of doing nothing because when your hands are numb you can’t really use them for anything useful because you never know when they might lose all feeling. So I guess I’ll sit on the couch like most days and play Candy Crush.


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