You learn a lot when you teach in the public schools. In my previous life before I had a bad back, a blood clot and all these other fun health issues I taught. I taught in a Title I school in a rural area and I loved it. I was actually going for my Master’s of Education in English as a Second Language because I wanted to go back working with migrant students. My heart has been for many years with migrant students because they don’t choose to be here. Their parents bring them here because they are looking for work, they can make a lot of money working the farms, the kids get thrown in the schools for a few months here, few months there and then they are gone again. I want to help them learn English because they become the translators for their parents often times, helping negotiate  higher wages, helping when at the hospital, in parent/teacher conferences or even at the grocery store.

In this country we have some children who don’t speak English who were born right here. I know this will surprise a lot of people because their parents were also born, you guessed it right here. Yup, these are not people who illegally crossed the border somehow they are citizens. I have always had a passion for speakers of other languages from an early age so the fact that this chronic pain business has taken me out of the full time teaching gig really depresses me.

My wife laughs about you can take the teacher out of the classroom but you can’t take the teacher out of me! We were in the grocery store and this kid who was probably around the age of 9 or so was tossing raw chickens up in the air and catching them, of course me being me tells him about how chicken blood could get him sick if he accidentally popped one open, but he looked like a smart kid didn’t have to take my word for it, he could go home and research salmonella on his own. His adults smirked as they continued on their shopping adventure and we continued discussing which meat we wanted to purchase staying away from the newly aviated chickens, I mean there is a reason that chickens naturally can only fly a few feet off the ground….




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