Too many presents?

So if you are on social media I’m sure you’ve seen it. There is a woman who has been blasted for giving her kids too many presents. She posted a picture of her doing crafts with her kids and her Christmas tree piled with presents was in the background and thanks to the Internet got blown up and that part of the photo went viral. The presents under the tree are for the mom, grandmother, partner and the children (not sure how many she has). Of course the Internet has gone crazy calling the children spoiled brats, calling her an awful parent, etc.

This is what social media has done to us, we judge people from behind the “safety” of a computer before knowing the back story. We believe the facts we have been fed having no idea if they are true. I saw the tree and thought wow I would hate to have to sit through all that unwrapping! HAHAHA But that’s the ADD in me! I didn’t think the kids were spoiled I didn’t think she was a bad parent, I thought I don’t think I could sit still and pay attention while everyone opened all those gifts. I don’t think I could force myself to be present long enough to participate in watching everyone open and ohh and awww appropriately.

There is so much hatred in the world right now towards each other and I don’t understand why people have to tear down someone else to boost themself up. I’ve never understood that. There is so much pain in this world already without us getting out panties into a bunch over how many presents a woman has under her tree. If it bothers you that much, maybe you need to do a heart check and figure out why it bothers you so much. Are you jealous? Do you wish that you could do the same for your own family? I know that my wife and I are only getting each other one gift this year because of financial reasons and we don’t have kids and that makes a huge difference I get that. I know it’s a lot harder when you have kids. I know several families with kids who are struggling this Christmas season and if I had the resources to help them I would.

Just remember that because you sit behind your computer doesn’t mean you can say anything you want, because on the other side of that computer is another human.


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