What I was trying to say….

Last night we went to the reception for Jenna’s art show. So their was a photographer who was asking me about Jenna and I said she went to such and such art college but it has been dismantled (which we are still bitter about in case you were wondering), and it was absorbed by and I got part of the school out, but then when I said the name I knew I said it wrong. So I think, and I can’t remember the proper name of the school, and I apologize to the man. I am using my cane last night so it’s obvious that I am disabled.

He asks if Jenna is also there and I look over to Mom who realizes that I need Jenna, so she sends Jenna over and he introduces himself and asks for a business card. Hopefully he will contact her later about looking at some of her other works, he was interested in buying. I hate when I am with strangers and I get flustered because I normally know what I am trying to say. Before all the surgeries and the neurological issues who would have thought that I was a teacher and a Master’s student? I mean if you talked to me right now I’m not sure on a bad day you would think this woman is intelligent. I’m sure this is more of my frustrations coming out right now.

I enjoyed last night, today I am sore from walking around the gallery which I didn’t think I did that much walking but my body says otherwise. It was 70 degrees yesterday…yup in December. There are several memes out on social media laughing about the warm weather. We are hoping to get some cleaning done today for Christmas, we are hosting this year and in order to host we gotta get the rest of this stuff cleaned up and put away! I am going to rest a lot today I’m sure because I am so sore.


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