I have to have routine. I like routine, I do not like changes in my routine, I like so many other people am a creature of habit. No one likes to admit it, but we are. We like to have the same morning rituals, we sit in the same section at church, if not the same pew/chair, we like to park in the same section/spot at work. We would laugh when I taught about that everyone pretty much parked in the same spots even though the spots were unassigned and if someone parked in a different spot it threw everyone off. Like wait a minute….you are in MY spot, how dare you!!! One time I pulled up Google Earth for the kids and I realized I could see my car in the parking lot….yeah that was fun!

Every morning I have the same beverage routine, yup I’m being totally serious. I can see you thinking is this chick for for real for real….I make myself a glass of lemon water, drink that, then I pour myself a glass of plain water to take morning medications with then I pour myself another glass of plain water and I pour myself a cup of coffee with cream. I usually drink 2 cups of coffee and then I drink a total of 9-11 glasses of plain water a day. Yes you read that correctly. 9-11 glasses of plain water a day. I used to not drink water at all, I used to drink a LOT of soda, like by the 2 liters, and now its a really rare occasion I drink even a glass of soda. Now I drink plain water, the only caffeine I have is my morning coffee. So I have this set drink routine in the morning and its always the same, but if I get off of my drink routine in the morning somehow it throws off the rest of my morning. I will forget other things which is funny because it doesn’t seem like it should have that much control over me, but those few beverage choices does….

Which speaking of beverages….so growing up like most people I would use ice in my drinks, then I lived in Europe. They don’t use ice in their drinks (unless they are of the alcoholic variety), so I came back to the US and I stopped using ice in my beverages. So I get this massive blood clot and the nurses always put ice in my drinks for me and somehow it didn’t bother me anymore. So my sister picks up my empty cup and notices that there is still some ice in it, and goes “Is there ice in here?” so being the smart butt that I am I smile at her and go “Well apparently when you have a near death experience, you change your beverage choices.”


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