But what is in a name?

So when my parents brought me home from the hospital I was unnamed. Yeah you read that correctly. I had no name. Don’t worry they did figure out a name for me within a few days. The nurse at the hospital was going nuts about how Mom couldn’t leave the hospital with me having no name, and my Mom being my Mom told her she had 30 days to come up with a name and she was going to use all 30 days to figure it out by calling me a different name each day until she found one she liked. As you can imagine the nurse was horrified at this suggestion.

So this brings me to one of my lovely fraternity brothers and her middle name. So when we do certain events we use our full names and she did not want to say her middle name out loud because she told us it was embarrassing, and of course being a bunch of college kids we HAD to know. Well apparently her Mother told them her name was going to be  This Orthat Jones. Welllll the nurse dutifully filled out her birth certificate so her middle name became Orthat when what her mother meant was she had not decided on a first name and it was going to be This OR That Jones and she has a totally different middle name picked out. Well her mother never changed it so her entire life her middle name was Orthat which made for a great story, but an embarrassing one as you can imagine.

So I have written a book and it will be published soon on Kindle, but I realized I don’t have a name for the book… so now I am tasked with naming the book. So I can’t put it on Kindle until it has a name. Geez! Okay I’m sure I’ll think of something, but how did I not think about this sooner? I’ve only been working on this project for several months now! This is a book of poems I have written they are serious not funny, different than the blog, but I wanted to write and I wrote and I am excited about the book and I hope to have it up soon.


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