O Christmas Tree

Hopefully we can get the Christmas Tree up today. It’s been a weird holiday season. I think all the warm weather has been throwing me off, oh yeah and the blood clot…I mean it’s really put a damper on how much I can do. You wouldn’t think so, but somehow this little tiny thing..okay maybe its not so tiny, but you get the drift sucks the life out of me on a regular basis. So Jenna is off today so the plan is to get the tree up and decorate for Christmas and right now I’m like can I go take a nap? She’s not awake yet and I’m ready for bed again..

I enjoy Christmas. It’s a time for family, it’s a time for dressing up the cat. Oh yeah I said it. Oh you want photographic proof or it didn’t happen… Okay…..

Oh yeah I dress her up! The Santa Hat and beard was one of my favorites! The sweater was too small which was a bummer you can see we learned and started buying her bigger clothes! HAHAHA Oh yeah, I can learn from my mistakes! I always buy after Christmas for her because I like to buy the clothes when its on sale. I love Creme, but I can’t bring myself to pay $15.99 for a shirt she will wear for a few minutes before she decides she is going to plot my demise again. I mean the cat loves me THANK GOODNESS! Seriously I stopped keeping track of the number of times this cat has probably plotted to kill me. However she has never bit me, or scratched me, now my wife she was trying to help her out of a shirt once and she tried to bite her….which just proves the cat loves me more. Maybe she just puts up with my shenanigans more……


One thought on “O Christmas Tree

  1. shawn

    Oh the love of a cat in clothes. At least she wears it long enough to get pictures. Poor Merlin would be acting like he had been beaten and was terrified. Heehee. Definitely medical crisis can have a huge impact on your life especially near the holidays. But you are hanging in there strong and determined and I for one am so happy for you being on the mend and getting stronger every day. ❤



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