So Jenna is laughing and she goes okay so you know how humans can bark and meow… and I go yes…. and she goes well what if Creme could learn random words in English like bowel movement. So we would just be sitting on the couch and I would reach over for a chip and Creme would randomly go “Bowel Movement” instead of meowing. So now she is laughing, I am shaking my head laughing and Creme is looking annoyed at both of us for disturbing her from her perch on top of the couch.

But how horrible would that be if cats, dogs and rabbits (only really throwing rabbits in the mix since we have a pet rabbit) learned random English vocabulary I mean could you imagine your cat going around and saying random words to you? Cats being cats would of course pick the the worse time to say the English word, I mean you and your spouse would be having a quiet romantic dinner everything would be quiet and then the cat would scream out “BOWEL MOVEMENT” just at the wrong time, not that they were hurt, not that they even needed anything, just because they could. Another scenario you are being intimate in the bedroom the sheets are rocking and all the sudden from the living room the cat is singing out “BOWEL MOOOVEMENT” I mean I know our cat it totally would happen, what a mood killer this would become. I could see the surrender papers at the local shelters everywhere cat interrupts us with the word bowel movement. Could you keep a straight face if you knew the cat could say the words bowel movement?

They say laughter is good for the soul and hopefully this totally ridiculous idea of a cat saying bowel movement made you laugh because that was the whole point of me posting this to make someone else laugh today.


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