All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth! LOL Not really I’m good in that department, but do you remember the simpler time when we only wanted toys? I mean sure we wanted a LONG list of toys, but somehow the demands of Christmas seem simpler when you are a kid. This picture pretty much sums up what I really want for Christmas.


I’m actually happy that we are having the family over for Christmas, I am making caramel corn, which is SOOO good! I am such a foodie! Which is funny since I’ve been losing all this weight this year! Trust me I am still a mean cook/baker in the kitchen! I can’t wait to have the niece and nephew over to unwrap gifts, the giggles, the questions, the smiles and everything in between. We’ll have lots of food and fun. My family enjoys being together and we get silly that’s for sure. A couple years ago we bought my Dad a titanium Star Trek spork as a present and he told my Mom he would miss her but he had to report to Star Fleet Academy now, we LAUGHED. He was so excited over his spork.

That’s my family, we are nerdy, we are philosophical. Dinner conversations can lead to what if the world was flat and Columbus fell off, or if Newton never had an apple fall on his head and discovered gravity, what if Neil Armstrong never made it to the moon or water didn’t freeze at 32 degrees. We’ll talk about why the grass is green and the sky is blue, and why black exists or does it… Conversations can jump from one topic to the next easily and often if you don’t understand the link between one subject to the next you can get lost, but that’s part of the fun. One minute you might be talking about the sky being blue, the next it’s why all the red shirts on Star Trek always die. Never can tell!

I’m just really happy to be here to spend Christmas with my family. I am grateful for another day to enjoy the time. Sure would it be nice to have the medical bills paid off? ABSOLUTELY! However I would rather enjoy being alive with the people I love and live one day at a time. We’ll keep chipping away at the medical bills, they will get paid just maybe not all at once.


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