Country Song in the making

Don’t ask me why I got thinking about this while I was playing Cookie Jam…because I really don’t know. I was thinking about my upcoming appointment with my spinal specialist and I realized that my spinal recovery has the makings of a really good country song. I mean nothing has gone as planned! I really am laughing, I know you can’t hear me, but I am. Seriously, everything should have healed properly because if you looked at my post operative notes everything healed just as it should have, I didn’t have any infections, all the hardware is still perfectly aligned. Everything went well. The surgery went well, the physical therapy went well, but my body just didn’t want to fuse…why no one really knows it just happens like that some times. Hence why I think I have the makings for a really good country song! I think I might have just snorted there a bit! Yeah, I admit it I laugh so hard I snort sometimes, my wife thinks its cute, makes her laugh.

Then we do another surgery, it goes well and I get a blood clot that almost kills me. I mean really this has all the makings for a number one song! I’m telling you! Now if only I was friends with a country artist I could get some royalties! I am so going to tell the spinal specialist this week about my idea for a country song and I know he’s going to laugh at me, but it should make him laugh. I try to make all the doctors laugh unless I’m really frustrated and then I’m in no mood for that and they know I mean business! If I’m not joking with them, they know they are in trouble!

Life’s short, you gotta laugh, otherwise it turns into a number one song on the country list…..


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