Rabbit, Cat and Brussel Sprouts

So yesterday the rabbit, the cat and I were hanging out you know normal day on the homestead… I decide to go check the mail, put the shoes on which is always fun. See most people don’t think about the simple things like putting shoes on, but since I can’t bend over like a normal person I have the aid to put my socks on, the aid to grab things and yes even a really long shoe horn. I also have magnetic closures on my shoes so I don’t have to tie the laces because, I can’t bend over! So I get the shoes on, then it was cold yesterday which it has been unseasonably warm here, so I get the scarf and the jacket and I get all bundled up because the Coumadin makes me colder than I normally am, so I look like I should be ready to go play in the snow, but nope just a short walk to the mailbox….

So I walk out to the mailbox no mail. I walk back to the front door I think to myself oh I should go look at the Brussel Sprouts… I walk back to what’s left of this year’s garden. I see the broccoli plants are looking good I make a mental note to tell the wife she has another piece of broccoli that needs to be cut off, and I look at the Brussel Sprouts, they are still looking healthy, not ready yet, but still going strong. I turn around to walk back to the house and I start to lose my balance. I counter-act me falling backwards somehow, not even sure how…So now my heart is racing, and I just stand for a minute. As soon as I am sure I am steady enough to walk the few feet to the front door I carefully walk back to the front door, go back inside, strip the scarf and the jacket off and sit down. I text my wife about how I almost fell into the Brussel Sprouts and how I can only imagine how that 911 call would have gone…..

“I need some help, I’ve fallen into the Brussel Sprouts and I can’t get up.”
“Ummm…Ma’am..where are you?”
“Outside my house, in what’s left of this year’s garden.”
“Okay, please give me the address so I can send assistance.”

I swear….I get hurt in the stupidest ways…….So then last night when I was sitting with my feet up I realize my ankle is swollen, so I guess I must have twisted it somehow. So I say to Jenna if I had a dollar for every time I twisted my ankle, I wouldn’t have student loan debt. She starts laughing at me, and goes the bad part is a) you’re not joking and b) you actually have a real world application for the money…..

Yup that’s my life! I am always thinking of real world applications for everything! Today we’re going to finish getting ready for Christmas because it’s 6 days away and it will be here before we know it!

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