Shut your mouth!

So the cat, yes I just said CAT was being mouthy….ummm WHAT? Yup the cat was mouthing off to me and Jenna this morning. So we check the food bowl, yup she has food, we check the water bowl, yup she has fresh clean water, so why are you mouthy? Then later I realized I bet my sister is saying hello via the cat. I bet my sister was channeling my cat on her birthday that she was just saying hi to both of us this morning like HIIIIIII what now??? Are you going to sing me Happy Birthday??? Could you imagine that? I mean my wife and I singing Happy Birthday to my dead sister who was channeling via the Siamese cat…If we had been singing Happy Birthday dear Karen to Creme the Cat and someone else had seen that; they probably would have called in the men in the white coats to take us away…well maybe….I mean it’s the holidays and everyone is stressed to a point.

So this evening is Creme being vocal at all? NOPE. She barely meowed when we walked in the door. I guess she got it all out this morning, either that or Karen decided we weren’t singing and got bored and went back to Heaven to go read a book, which reminds me, so my Mom was discussing that when her time comes she expects Karen to be waiting for her at the Pearly Gates to greet her with open arms. I being the sarcastic person that I am, go oh Mom you know that she will have missed her alarm because her nose will be stuck in a book much as it was in real life. Mom did not appreciate my answer. At the local library my parents bought a brick on the sidewalk for her declaring the library her second home. Karen always had her nose in a book.

So I will say Happy Birthday to Karen, but I’m sorry that if you were trying to get my attention this morning via the cat I didn’t understand, and if you wanted me to sing to you via the cat you asked the wrong sister!


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