I have betrayed the cat. I have betrayed the cat because I gave her a flea bath today. It was like 75 today so it was plenty warm and she needed one, so I dunked her LOL, actually I used the kitchen sink because a) its higher and b) I can use the sprayer. So I gave the kitty meow meow a bath and she DID NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT!! So we got her clean, dried her off the best we could then we gave her more treats than we should have and she went to lay in her favorite chair to sulk! Oh well kitty, you are clean.

This evening she came and jumped up beside me so I would give her pets which means she loves me, but Jenna went to talk to her and she gave her the evil eye hahaha. That’s where it is so funny. I gave her the bath, but because it was Jenna’s idea to give her a flea bath Creme is mad at Jenna.

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