It’s all in your perspective. I saw this meme this morning on Facebook that said an “Some people see a glass as half empty, some people see a glass as half full but enlightened people realize the glass is refillable.” It’s all about your perspective on things. If I set an object on a table and one person is sitting down and one person is standing and I tell them to draw the object I will get two different drawings of the same object why? Because the two people are looking at the same object but from two different angles.

This year I lost just over 50lbs, which my goal was 60lbs. So I can either be upset that I did not reach my goal or I can be pleased that I lost 50lbs this year. It’s all about my perspective on my journey. Sure I can be upset about that I was close to my goal but didn’t make it, but the end of the year didn’t go as I had planned it either! I mean that blood clot slowed me WAAY down! I thought I was going to be doing physical therapy these last couple of months and had I been doing physical therapy I know I would have hit my 60lbs lost. However I am grateful to be alive and I am happy with my 50lbs lost.

Over Christmas I ate what I wanted and then after Christmas I got on the scale and thought yup, I ate what I wanted, I wasn’t drinking my water the way I normally do and it shows! So I am being mindful of drinking my water and walking what I can. I really have learned these last 2 months that listening to my body and honoring my limitations is so important. I also learned that changing my perspective helps when I get frustrated with everything I “can’t do” I start thinking of everything I can do, or things that are improving. Sometimes an artist will stand or move to change their view so they can finish their drawing, change their perspective, well guess what in life we need to do that more often. Sometimes fresh air and a change in perspective does wonders!

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