Goodbye 2015

So everyone has been posting pictures of the jars with the pieces of paper saying for 2016 keep a jar and when good things happen write them down and stick them in the jar and then on New Year’s Eve open the jar and read all the good memories. Well….I tried this for 2015 I started writing down the good stuff and then I lost the jar. No clue what happened to it. I’m sure its around here somewhere, my guess is it got put in the garage only because I haven’t seen it! That’s my answer for everything it’s in the garage! haha Not really but it sounds good right? So looking back on 2015 I just want to say it was not all bad. Sure I had some really bad health things happen *coSaddlePulmonaryEmbolismugh* but we had some really good things happen so I want to list some of the good things. I don’t want you to think that everything was bad this year. I don’t want you to think I hated 2015 because that is not true. It had some bumps in the road but it wasn’t all bad.

  • Nephew was born!
  • Wife got a couple of promotions at work!!
  • Got a couple debits paid off
  • Sold my car (okay so this one was bittersweet)
  • Had Christmas with our family at our house this year
  • Mom bought me Purple Canning Jars for my Birthday
  • I did well on my March Maddness Bracket
  • I got my Spinal cord stimulator implant!!!! (Yes this was a positive)
  • I lost 50lbs this year
  • Wife was in 2 art shows
  • Wife started selling her prints online and sold at a couple craft shows

I know there were a lot more things, but that just gives you a taste that things were good this year. I want to do the jar again this year, but I am going to make a better effort at not losing the jar! I do think it is really important to count your blessings. I joke about my health and almost dying and people think I’m weird, but funny. I know I’m weird. I accept my weirdness. I am so blessed this year it was a very emotionally year for us but we are still standing. Tonight we are planning on a quiet evening because that’s what we need. My chest is still hurting my oxygen stats are all over the board they are between 96%-99% when I am sitting on the couch but they will drop down to 85% so I know something is going on, but I can’t put my finger on it. I have a feeling something is off but I just don’t know what and when I can’t describe what is off it’s hard for a doctor to help. Wifey was watching last night when it dropped down to 85% and then jumped back up and she goes do you feel different when it does that? And I go not really, my chest hurts and between my chest hurting and my back hurting that’s all I’m registering right now. So we’re monitoring closely and ringing in the new year at home and counting all our blessings. We are too blessed to be stressed right? That’s how the saying goes at least.

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