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I have betrayed the cat. I have betrayed the cat because I gave her a flea bath today. It was like 75 today so it was plenty warm and she needed one, so I dunked her LOL, actually I used the kitchen sink because a) its higher and b) I can use the sprayer. So I gave the kitty meow meow a bath and she DID NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT!! So we got her clean, dried her off the best we could then we gave her more treats than we should have and she went to lay in her favorite chair to sulk! Oh well kitty, you are clean.

This evening she came and jumped up beside me so I would give her pets which means she loves me, but Jenna went to talk to her and she gave her the evil eye hahaha. That’s where it is so funny. I gave her the bath, but because it was Jenna’s idea to give her a flea bath Creme is mad at Jenna.

Edema or something else?

So if you are just joining us short version of a very long one is in October I was almost killed by a saddle pulmonary embolism which is the mother of all blood clots. It was massive, like 3 doctors told me I should be dead and were rather impressed I was alive, and a saddle pulmonary embolism sits on both sides of your lung see the video here. So now I have to go in weekly to have my INR checked to make sure my blood is thin enough to break up the blood clot, and prevent new ones from forming. On top of this lovely task I also have to watch to see if I see any signs of new ones forming. Now I would like to step out for a moment and say that I didn’t have any symptoms of the first one until it tried to KILL me! The second part of this is I have edema which is swelling in both legs and have lived with this since I was 18 years old, I am on 2 water pills to try and control this, but when you already have swelling in both legs it just makes looking for a blood clot a little harder….just saying.

So to add to this, my right thigh is numb and my right knee has been popping/swelling, so last night the area around my knee was swollen, but the rest of my leg was normal. I told my wife that my leg just looked weird! If I wasn’t always looking and comparing them I probably wouldn’t have noticed as much, but since I have to keep a look out for swelling, bruising, heat, etc I noticed this uneven swelling pattern. Of course because my knee has been popping pretty much every time I stand up I think we can safely assume it is due to the issue in my knee.

Of course you know what they say about assuming…..

Christmas was wonderful we spent time with both sides of the family and extended family. On Christmas Eve we went over to my Brother in Law’s Boyfriend’s parents’ house. (Say that 3 times fast!)  We opened gifts on my wife’s side of the family there and ate a huge feast! The food was SOOOOO good!!! We talked, we laughed, we just had a really good time!

Then Christmas Day my family came over to our house and we opened presents with the niece and the nephew who he was starting to get the hang of ripping the paper off! Next year I know he’ll be ready! The niece LOVES the movie “Frozen” so there were a lot of “Frozen” related gifts for her. I got my new wedding ring, I had lost so much weight my ring size dropped by 2 sizes. I got my wife a Chelsea Football Club (Soccer team from England) Polo Shirt she can wear to work and she is SOOO excited! Apparently there are a few Chelsea fans on her floor who will be jealous of her present. I was just proud of myself that I did not spill the beans because I was so excited about the purchase and I tend to get really excited about things and then tell! Mom and Dad also got each of us a piece of pottery from a local potter both pieces are beautiful. They really like to support local businesses and Artisans which I think is awesome. So then we went to Grammie’s house (Jenna’s Grandmother) for dinner and had more good food and conversation. It was great, but I was SOOOO sore by the time we got home. So yesterday I spent almost the entire day on the couch with my feet up.

Today I have a feeling that I’ll spend the day the same way because my body has to rest, thankfully Christmas is only once a year!

Too tired to move

Is it Friday..wait I mean Saturday yet? Not quite you say…oh okay just have to wait a little longer..okay…I’ll try to hang in a bit longer. I am E.X.H.A.U.S.T.E.D. I mean I think every hair on my head hurts at this point. I have muscles that hurt that I didn’t realize I had, or used, but I used them this week. Between the 3 doctors appointments, then getting last minutes preparations for Christmas, and then Christmas itself I am ready to hibernate for winter! Which speaking of winter it was like 75 degrees today…yeah…not really thinking of snow this year! It did rain however. We did put the yule log on Netflix because that is a tradition. Of course with having the TV mounted on the wall it gave a much different effect than in years past….

Christmas was good. I enjoyed all the family time with both sides of the family, I am just exhausted right now. I hurt so bad from the sitting, traveling, cooking, etc. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love spending the time with family. I told Mom that everyone kept asking me what I wanted for Christmas and usually I don’t have trouble coming up with a list of items. Since I became an adult usually the items are things I need, but I usually can come up with a list of thing, but this year I was really having a difficult time. I was having such a difficult time because I am so grateful just to be alive to celebrate Christmas with my wife and family. I was so sick with this blood clot and I was so close to death that this Christmas really wasn’t about the material items for me (not that it ever really has been, it’s always been about Christ), but it was about being with the people I love.

So make sure that you tell your family you love them. Tell the people you value in your life how much you care about them. Life can change in the blink of an eye, think about all those shepards who were keeping watch over their flocks and all the sudden an Angel shows up and says “Fear Not!” Then tells them a baby was born who was the son of God in a manger in a stable and to go see the baby. Think of how their life changed in the blink of an eye. You never know when your life will change for the good the bad or the ugly. Live your life like it was your last day because it just might be.


Anyone else need like 3 more weeks to get ready for Christmas? I think I do! Actually my beautiful wife is AMAZING and got the rest of the gifts this week which was awesome because with the doctors appointments, rain and funeral I’ve been one busy chica! I have always been a procrastinator, I remember as a child my Dad telling me about my Science Fair project the importance of doing a little bit each day so it wouldn’t pile up on me at the end, and staying up very late the night before it was due….Of course I also remember staying up to the wee hours of the night typing term papers in college too….so maybe I never learned that lesson. Of course the fact that we still didn’t have all the Christmas present bought until last night….well we have been very busy and a lot has been going on, wait that just sounds like an excuse for wait for it…wait for it….procrastination!

I keep telling myself that I will be better next time, and get stuff ready ahead of time and somehow at the last minute I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off, which in case you are a city person and never have seen it happen, they really do do that! It’s not just a saying! I even try making a list checking it twice just like Santa Claus, but somehow I can’t handle it for a small group, I don’t know how a guy handles it for billions of people. I bet Mrs. Claus is exhausted by the time New Years rolls around!

Yesterday I spent time with both of my siblings and my niece and nephew which is was really nice to spend time with all of them. My niece is a trip and she really reminds me of my sister when she was little. My nephew will be one soon and he is into everything and makes me laugh because he kept handing me this or that, then he would come back for this or that. My niece got a plastic workbench so my nephew had at one point given me a plastic hammer so I sang “If I had a Hammer” by Peter, Paul and Mary. He really liked that, and so he kept giving me the hammer and if I didn’t sing, he would take the hammer and give it back to me like okay SING! So I would sing and he would dance. It was really cute, and I realized that I didn’t remember all the words to the song, so I am going to have to look it up again, learn the words so next time I am better prepared.

Christmas is tomorrow the day we celebrate the birth of Christ. The real reason for season. Remembering that there was a small family traveling to be counted and there was no room in Inn, so the babe was born in a manager in the stable. The shepards who were keeping watch over their flocks were approached by an angel who told them of the good news and sent them to go find the baby. This child was the son of God born of the virgin Mary who would die on the cross for us. Tomorrow is a celebration of life, joy and family.

Shut your mouth!

So the cat, yes I just said CAT was being mouthy….ummm WHAT? Yup the cat was mouthing off to me and Jenna this morning. So we check the food bowl, yup she has food, we check the water bowl, yup she has fresh clean water, so why are you mouthy? Then later I realized I bet my sister is saying hello via the cat. I bet my sister was channeling my cat on her birthday that she was just saying hi to both of us this morning like HIIIIIII what now??? Are you going to sing me Happy Birthday??? Could you imagine that? I mean my wife and I singing Happy Birthday to my dead sister who was channeling via the Siamese cat…If we had been singing Happy Birthday dear Karen to Creme the Cat and someone else had seen that; they probably would have called in the men in the white coats to take us away…well maybe….I mean it’s the holidays and everyone is stressed to a point.

So this evening is Creme being vocal at all? NOPE. She barely meowed when we walked in the door. I guess she got it all out this morning, either that or Karen decided we weren’t singing and got bored and went back to Heaven to go read a book, which reminds me, so my Mom was discussing that when her time comes she expects Karen to be waiting for her at the Pearly Gates to greet her with open arms. I being the sarcastic person that I am, go oh Mom you know that she will have missed her alarm because her nose will be stuck in a book much as it was in real life. Mom did not appreciate my answer. At the local library my parents bought a brick on the sidewalk for her declaring the library her second home. Karen always had her nose in a book.

So I will say Happy Birthday to Karen, but I’m sorry that if you were trying to get my attention this morning via the cat I didn’t understand, and if you wanted me to sing to you via the cat you asked the wrong sister!

I love imaging

So when you get your spine pulled apart and pushed back together you get used to getting images done. I’m getting quite a collection of low back x-rays, actually I think all the x-ray technicians know me by name now. Last time I had to go get x-rays I saw one of the pre-operation nurses who I tease about that “You’re NOT my friend.” Now understand that this is said very tongue and cheek because Chris the first time I met him made me cry, he was trying to draw blood from me and when he finally got it from my wrist (which is very painful fyi) I cried. So the next time I saw him I told him he wasn’t my friend anymore, so I saw him teased him gave him a high five and told him how I almost died in October. He was very glad to see that I am still standing.

I am very glad to report that so far I have no had anyone who was upset to see me still standing. I’m not sure what I would do if I came across someone who said “Man I wish the blood clot had won!” I probably would kick them in the nuts. Wait, why did I just assume they were male….hmmm maybe because a female would have a better filter and say it behind my back! HAHAHA

So today I told the spine doc’s PA that I am getting tingling in my arms and hands and so the spine doc is ordering a full spine CT scan. So I can add that to the list so I have a low spine MRI, plus more x-rays than I can count, oh yeah he wants repeat x-rays too! (Still watching the bone not growing). So we get to do a spine CT in January with those x-rays. YAY!

One day I am going to print out all my imagining just so I can make a life size imagine of myself with my images, I’m pretty sure I could do it too! It was a good day today, I’m tired and ready for bed, trying to decide if I go to bed, or wait up for the wifey who is finishing up the last of the Christmas shopping. I can’t believe Christmas is 3 days away! Where did all the time go? 2016 will be here soon and we can put 2015 to bed with all those other years. We’ll say nighty night and all that good stuff, kiss someone when the ball drops and scream HAPPY NEW YEAR and make a bunch of noise! Then we’ll all look at each other and go okay back to the gym to lose all this weight work really hard for a few weeks until we forget again and fall back into old habits. Actually this year I have lost 50lbs and I’m happy. I was hoping to lose more than that but there was that little blood clot and it slowed me down a bit, but slow and steady wins the race and when you think about that there is 52 weeks in the year and I lost 50lbs that means I lost about 1lb a week, that’s not bad at all!


INR was 2.4!! WOOT! WOOT! Let’s party up in here! I was uber excited about that one. I saw my buddy which when I gave him a very enthusastic hello, one of the other patients laughed and goes I guess you like to give him a hard time, to which I batted my eyes and go “Who, me?? Nooooooo” and laughed. Then I told him my story and said that my buddy has been there since the beginning he got to hear the WHOLE deal, so yes I tease him a bit, but I like to bring a little joy everywhere I go. Then the guy told me that he agreed that the only reason I survived my blood clot was that God needs me here still, which I am in total agreement with, so I’ve decided that I must be on some secret mission for God. Yup I am God’s 007, just waiting to find out what the mission is and while I wait I am going to continue to bring joy, happiness and lots of LOVE to everyone.

I was talking to my Dad about all the hate in the world right now especially towards Muslims and how it hurts my heart. I really do believe that God wants us to love each other.  When the disciples ask Jesus what the greatest commandment is this is what Matthew 22:36-40 says

36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment.39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

I think we forget that we are supposed to love each other. I think it was very telling that Pope Francis recently told all members of the Catholic Church not to try to convert those of the Jewish faith. Jesus was Jewish. He was a Jewish carpenter in the very beginning. I understand fear, and I understand the primal instinct of fight or flight. I get that, I understand we want to protect ourselves, but spewing hate is not going to protect us. Spewing hate is going to tell others that being hateful is okay and more hate is going to be produced and is going to create an atmosphere of fear and hate.

So before saying something mean stop take a deep breath and think is it really necessary to say this?