Bubbly to celebrate!

We had a bit of sparkling apple cider to ring in the new year. One of the medications I am on makes anything with CO2 taste a little funny, but the apple cider was okay tasting which was good because I really love apple cider. I used to drink it by the bottle. Now that I’m on the medicine I don’t drink anything but water usually, but how can you ring in the new year with just plain ole water? I mean we need to have some fun too right?

We spent the day watching Netflix. We watched a British murder mystery show “Midsomer Murders.” I like it! We watch quite a bit of British TV, and I know part of it is that I grew up watching “Dr. Who.” I also watched a lot when I lived in Spain. I watch quite a bit of US shows too, I mean I love my “Grey’s Anatomy” and I am getting into “Chicago Med.” I also love the witty comments on “Mom.”

We kept it relaxing today. Wifey took a 2 hour nap which she woke up and then goes oh I guess I needed it! I laughed and goes I guess so! She worked on her blanket. She is crocheting a new blanket. She learned how to do Tunisian crochet and now she is doing a blanket. It’s beautiful blue, cream and black. I am so excited that she is learning something new and making this beautiful blanket.

Also on the plans for this weekend are for her to paint some. We got a new card up on her website for sale so that was exciting to. I know we are going to sell a lot more of her art in 2016. She is so talented and I know lots of people will buy it. Lots of people will get to have her art in their homes this year.


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