I think they are gaining up on me…

So I got up this morning and I was in the bathroom about to take a shower, and I hear one of the animals chewing plastic. OH GREAT!!! So I come out ready to start yelling at Creme (cat) because she has this really bad habit of chewing on plastic and she looks at me like hi Mom! So I look over to the rabbit cage and I see Otis chewing on his bag of food

“OH YOU CHEEKY MONKEY!!!!” WOW we’ve been watching a lot of British TV here recently!! Yesterday we watched I think 7 episodes of Broadchurch. Then I think about what I am seeing and I realize that the food bag was not close enough for him to grab it without some outside cage help…I think my animals are working together! So I look back over at the cat who is still playing the innocent card and I feed the rabbit. Now I should say the rabbit had plenty of hay in his cage, but he didn’t want hay he wanted the pellets that were in the bag that he has now chewed a huge hole in! Luckily it was the last bit in the bag so I just threw the bag away.

The funny part about the whole scenario is that Creme doesn’t care for Otis when he is hopping around outside the cage, but this is not the first time she has helped him when he is INSIDE the cage. I think there is a secret friendship she doesn’t want us to know about! So I have to keep a better eye on those two because we know she plots against me she might be getting the rabbits help when I don’t know about it…….


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