So most people play peak-a-boo with babies. I play peak-a-boo with the cat after my wife goes to bed…hahaha. Yeah so the cat will sit where wifey normally sits on the sofa and I will have a staring contest over the top of the laptop with Creme or we will do peak-a-boo using the laptop screen because that’s what we do. Earlier today I was on my cellphone trying to take a picture of the Walmart receipt so we could get back $6.00 on Ibotta and wifey was on her cellphone and it was that magical time of day that the sunbeams were coming through the window and hitting the screens and the light was bouncing off the ceiling and the living room walls and Creme was in heaven. Yup she was going to town trying to chase the beams of light while I was getting frustrated that my hands were shaking just enough that my pictures were blurry and due to the ink not being fresh the QR code wouldn’t scan. *First world problems I know* So I’m trying to steady my hands and take the pictures, I did get the receipt captured and we did get our $6.00! WOOT! I love Ibotta, we earned over $100 back last year on things we were already buying same with today’s purchases. They offer PayPal, Venmo or gift cards as payments which I like.

So I am sitting here playing with the cat and thinking to myself only other cat people would understand the enjoyment out of playing peak-a-boo with the cat. Wifey wants a dog, and I am not a dog person. Now I have nothing against dogs, dogs are lovely, I love all animals. I just rather have a cat or a rabbit or a hamster. Which she would not let me buy a hamster when we were at Petco today…or a Betta fish for that matter. Actually the Betta fish was one of those really impulsive LET’S DO THIS!!! And then my brain goes no let’s not be this impulsive and we have to do our shopping at Walmart still, so this needs to be a day when we are only going to Petco or Petco is the last stop. So maybe we’ll get a Betta Fish another day. So then I was like ohhh a hamster!! I love hamsters I had 4 when I was in college (all in separate cages) I had gotten my brother a pregnant hamster hence how I ended up with 4…lesson learned there!

Wifey said no to the hamster too today, which here again probably a good thing, I was being really impulsive and I needed to be reined in a bit. There are days when I get like that my brain goes way faster than anything else is going. So we walked out with the cat food, timothy hay and wooden chew blocks (for the rabbit not the cat obviously!).

Tonight I am SO sore. I overdid it in the walking department. We tried to keep things as short as possible but in any type of box store walking is just hard on my joints. I’m still not totally recovered from Christmas yet! But we did get all the shopping done and we got to Pizza Hut to try their Gluten Free Pizza. The waitress was awesome. There was this table in the back and the ladies were snooty, but eh some people in life just have sticks in their bums!

Speaking of gluten free I made Gluten Free Banana Strusel Quickbread off the Pillsbury website found here. It was DELICIOUS! OH MY GOODNESS AH-MAZ-ING!! The only slight change I made to it was I used vanilla yogurt (verses plain) just because we got a big container and I figured that a little vanilla flavoring would enhance it. I was really happy with the way it came out. It’s been hard with my back not baking as much, and with wifey being gluten free trying to find baked goods that taste good. So since she was here to help me and I had some bananas that were past their prime for eating raw, but perfect for banana bread we made this.


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