Sad day

I was waiting to post this until most of my family had been informed. My cousin Diane lost her battle with pancreatic cancer this morning. 2 years ago we had been told she wouldn’t make it much past Christmas and for her to get her affairs in order. We have been so blessed to have her for these extra 2 years and 2 Christmases, but it is a deep loss. Cancer SUCKS. She is not the first family member I have lost to cancer. She is not the first family member I have lost at an early age. My sister was 25 when she passed away after a motor vehicle accident. I’ve lost other cousins in motor vehicle accidents, doctor negligence, illness, other reasons. I’ve had to bury Uncles before their time.

Its hard to bury people no matter what their age is. It’s never easy to lose someone. When we buried Wifey’s Great Grandmother who was 95 at her time of death last year it was equally as hard. When Christmas came around we missed her Christmas Card. This is where a belief in a higher power gives comfort to those who grieve. I remember when we lost Karen people were surprised that we didn’t blame God for taking her away from us and they kept telling us that it would happen. The time just hadn’t hit us yet. Well no actually we understood that our time on Earth is borrowed time, that when our time is up we go back up to Heaven to be with God. Karen’s time was up.

Diane knew that she was on borrowed time, she spent her time these last 2 years enjoying her time with family and smelling the roses. She will be missed by all the family. She will be missed by her husband, Mom and Dad. The people closest to you will mourn your death but we also knew that she was on borrowed time because she had pancreatic cancer. We all hoped she would get better, we all prayed for a miracle for her, but when your time is here it’s here. My time was not up in October and I am so incredibly grateful for that, and I am God’s 007 because I am on a secret mission I know that. I live life one day at a time because that’s what I need to do, that’s what I can handle right now.

I try to keep an attitude of gratitude because there is so much in this life to be grateful for. There is so much in this life I have that others do not have and any morning that I wake up is a good day.


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