A side of yawn

Holy cow am I tired! It’s been a long holiday week. Right before Christmas I had doctors appointments and then I was getting ready for Christmas. I am so blessed to have Jenna (wifey) here to help me around the house. She and I really do work as a team. We have a team mentality and we tackle everything as a team.

I have been trying very hard to rest but I think I am out of spoons! When I have just been so exhausted since. I have seen the changes on my CPAP machine. I have been having more apneas than normal. I also have been so sore in all my joints and then all my major muscles. I have muscles aching that thanks to fibromyalgia I now know exist that I previously didn’t know existed! I have had my spinal cord stimulator on almost non-stop, I turned it off to charge my butt, but it gets turned back on pretty quickly.

I like to post when I charge when I charge my butt because it makes people giggle and I like making people laugh. If I could I would be a comedian. I would go on the road and be a comedian, I just physically can’t. I have a doctors appointment and we have to travel this week and I am not looking forward to it because the temperature is supposed to drop this week. It is supposed to get a lot colder and they are even talking about possible snow. That is a four letter word that before I was injured I LOVED now I dislike greatly.

I dislike snow because the temperatures get colder and my joints hurt more. I dislike snow because I worry about falling in the snow/ice and with my back I just can’t risk hurting myself more. I dislike snow because the temperatures cause everything to hurt even more and I am already so cold and I have to wear even more layers. I have to wear more and more layers. I am even more distrusting of snow this year because I have rods and screws in my back this year and I have a feeling that when the temperatures drop the metal in my back is going to hurt even more.

Pain, pain go away never come back I don’t want to play! I am quite done with you-you are no fun! I want my life.


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