Fog, Tuna Fish and a duel

So when you have fibromyalgia which I am so lucky to have…*insert heavy sarcasm* there also comes with it what people refer to as fibro fog where your head feels foggy, you can’t keep your thoughts straight. I woke up this morning and I am between either a migraine or fibro fog or maybe a combination of both which makes me just want to sleep all day. I’m pretty sure I’ve fallen asleep a couple of times because I was trying to watch the show “Galavant” and I kept missing parts, or I think I missed parts of the show…anyways I’m sitting here wanting to take another nap which is not really like me, but my head hurts and its foggy. I hate this feeling. Plus my chest still huts some thank you blood clot.

So I decided I wanted some tuna fish for lunch which is highly unlike me because overall I dislike fish, it’s too fishy tasting for me. Now I see everyone re-reading the first sentence of this paragraph going wait..she doesn’t like fish because it’s too fishy tasting yet she will eat tuna..yes I know I know people tell me all the time that’s fishy..I mean odd. There are just certain days that I decide that I want a tuna fish sandwich for lunch it’s not very often usually once a month at most. We make sure to keep a couple of cans of tuna on hand because my wife does like fish so she often will make herself fish and I will eat something else.

So I grab the cat of tuna and I open it and Creme comes running and she start meowing.

“No this is not cat food!” Meows more and rubs against my leg

“You have food, you are not hungry this is NOT cat food!” Meows even more excitedly as I move over to the counter after draining off the water to put the tuna in the bowl.

“Creme stop this is my lunch and NO you do not get any of it.” I swear if she could she would jump up on the counter and try to eat it out of my bowl, but she continues to meow as if that means I will give in and she will win this duel.

“Creme you have food, you are not starving. Go lay down!” She continues to do a figure 8 around my legs as I prepare my tuna fish for my sandwich it really wasn’t until I put it on the bread that she decided maybe I was being serious and she couldn’t have any. I did half expect her to jump on the arm of the love seat to inspect my lunch just to make sure it wasn’t for her.

Then I thought of all the times Nicco (other cat) would try to eat my food. I really had to watch him. This one time he thought he was going to be sneaky and crawled on the back of the love seat and he might have gotten away with it, but he stepped down on my shoulder..yeah dude I felt that! So I turned my head and he stepped back and sat on the back of the love seat like he was innocent. I just looked up and laughed a bit. You need to learn to be a little bit sneakier..wait what am I saying? I should not encourage this behavior! Ahhh I miss him! Every time we open tuna or salmon Creme tries to duel with us for the can, we win however. Advantage of being so much taller I guess!


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