Can I get 2 blankies?

So when I was younger I would be the one running around with the sweater unzipped during half time show, and no gloves. I usually gave my gloves to Donna to wear. My band director would get on me and I would say “BUT I’M HOOOOOT!!!” Now as an adult I am always freezing. Apparently I let out all my hot air as a teen. I’m sure there is a joke to be written in there somewhere….

I remember when I had to have my first nerve conduction test done on my left arm because my fingers were in a perpetual state of sleep not all of them just some of them and just certain sides of some of them, yeah it was fun. So the doctor says to me your hands are so cold the machine won’t register correctly so I am going to have you stand with your hands in warm water in the sink. So I go in the hallway with my hands in the sink of warm water and all these nurses and doctors keep passing me asking if everything is alright, yes everything is fine my hands are too cold. They look at my hands in the water give me a puzzled look and keep walking. So I stand in the hallway for what seems like an eternity which truthfully is more like 10-15 minutes and the doctor brings me a towel, we dry my hands and then we go on with the electric shocks and find out that no my nerves aren’t responding correctly, yay me.

Now I bundle up in 17 layers, I want 6 blankets on my bed, I usually am ice cold for my poor wifey. She often comments on my icy cold hands and feet especially. One time I touched her at night and she screamed because it hurt for me to touch her my feet were so cold. Now before your mind starts wondering yes I wear socks, doesn’t matter feet are still icy cold.

I can wear multiple layers and my skin will still be cold for whatever reason all the heat that I used to retain as a teen that people used to feel my hands to gain the warmth is gone now. I guess I used it all up in high school.


4 thoughts on “Can I get 2 blankies?

  1. tlohuis

    Do you ever get where like one hand is ice cold and the other one is nice and warm, normal? I get that all the time and I get that with my feet, sometimes, too. Weird stuff. Just wondering if I’m the only one that has this problem. Doctor’s don’t really do much because, as you well know, it will not be happening at the doctor’s office. I have some other weird stuff going on that I can actually take pictures of, like only one or 2 finger on one hand swelling, etc. Like I said, it never happens when I’m in a doctor’s office, so I started taking pictures, so they will maybe believe me now and possibly, just possibly, they might just do something. Take care. 🙂


    1. trompetaz Post author

      I have taken pictures before! My hands are usually both ice cold. The first time I had a major leg spasm at the office in front of the doctor you could have knocked the doctor over with a feather! I just wanted to laugh at him. I go that right there, that happens FREQUENTLY, he goes oh. Yeah its really annoying, you should do something about it. And then I just STARED at him. I thought he was going to pee himself a bit (and this is only because I had been complaining for weeks, but as you said he had never seen it and was brushing me off and I was getting frustrated)


      1. tlohuis

        Okay, now that the so called doctor actually saw you in action, what did he do for you? Pretty sure I already know the answer. NOTHING……………….did he tell you how complicated, complex, and unique you are and that he’s so sorry, he wishes he knew what to do for you? LOL 🙂


  2. trompetaz Post author

    He was a workman’s comp doctor so he prescribed Gapapentin for me and Flexeril and physical therapy because it was “soft tissue” damage. See the soft tissues were swollen and pressing on the nerves causing the leg to spasm. Thankfully I don’t have to deal with him anymore!



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