Crayons, Ninja and Discounts

So last night wifey and I were discussing the phrase being the brightest crayon in the box in reference to a certain person (who will remain anonymous) and this is how the conversation goes…..

Jenna “I guess she wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box.”
Me “She’s lucky the crayons let her in the box and didn’t revolt!!!”

So I’ve BEGGED the wifey to draw this for me because it makes me CHUCKLE so! I mean I can see the little crayons with pitchforks and everything and it makes me LAUGH!! So she said when she gets the time she will draw it for me. I hope this is soon because I really want my picture. I don’t usually ask for her to draw things for me. Usually she comes up with her own ideas, but this one yes this one I NEED. Crayons refusing entry to their box.

So for Christmas my very awesome Brother-in-laws bought us the Ninja Professional 3-in-1 cooker so I can do more recipes on the counter. So last night I made dinner using it and I really enjoyed being able to use the different settings. Wifey liked that I browned the meat first before baking it. I enjoyed that it was all one pot and so today when I have to wash dishes, I only have the one dish, which I was surprised how light the insert is for it! I also really like that sitting on the counter I can bake items and I don’t have to bend at all, huge win for me because I can go back to baking stuff that I had strayed away from due to the surgeries.

So I get quite a few sale e-mails from different retailers and this morning I got one that talked about today being Senior Day for customers 60+ I laughed because I am far from 60 (yes I know these are automatically populated e-mails), but then I remembered a dear friend who is in her 50s and talking about about local discounts. So I shared it with her telling her that I thought of her not because she could use it, but because she was talking about getting discounts based on your age.

Yesterday INR was 1.8 so Coumadin has to go back up a bit. I go back next week to get it checked again. I am frustrated that it went from 2.7 down to 1.8, but we will keep positive. It’s not an exact science I know this, I do get that, but doesn’t make it any less frustrating for me. Plus its UBER cold outside so everything hurts. I just want to crawl in bed and not get out of bed. Today I can stay inside under the blanket and just watch Netflix! Sounds like a good day to me!


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