I have a lung infection. So that might be why my INR dropped this week, but of course there are a lot of variables with INR. So I go into the doctor’s office and I give the nurse all the symptoms and then the doctor walks in.

Doctor “How are you?”

Me “Oh I’ve been better. I came in today to borrow your stethoscope, your ears and your vast medical knowledge. You know I went to school to be a teacher not a doctor!.”

Doctor chuckles and shakes his head and points his hand to the table so I can jump up so he can listen to my heart.

So as you can see I have a really good relationship with my primary care doctor. I joke he laughs and shakes his head. He checked my sinuses, ears, nose and throat. Listened to my heart and lungs, checked how my scars looked on my back. I made a crack about that I bought 5 got one free. Well you know I like to keep it light. He asked about my oxygen stats when I told him I had felt light headed but my oxygen has been high. So the conclusion was LUNG INFECTION!! YAY….not so much, but not really all that surprising. I mean I’m asthmatic, I’ve already had pneumonia once this season, so we are going to do medicine and see if I get better. If I don’t feel better, I am to return, if I get worse go to the ER. So lots of fluids, rest I know the drill.

Ahh the joys of blood clots, asthma and chronic illness.

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