Let me start off with that I am really blessed to have good health insurance coverage through my wife’s employment. I understand how blessed we are to have healthcare coverage. I know that there are a lot of people who do not have this blessing and it is a blessing. I do not take that for granted at all. I am however a little upset at the insurance company because they were supposed to reprocess some claims from last year and I went to the doctor and I got a bill today. I looked to make sure that it was for the dates that I have asked to be reprocessed and they were and I informed the nurse that I would be calling the health insurance company again. I then went on to tell her what had happened.

So the health insurance company incorrectly billed our primary care doctor as out of network multiple time. Let me repeat that he is in network and is still in network, I have triple checked. It was a clerical error on the insurance companies part. Not the doctor office’s part, the insurance company and it effected me and my wife, so they have fixed some of the bills but missed some of the others. So now I have to call back be sweet as pie again because I will be talking to someone new who it’s not their fault this is all screwed up and have them fix the remaining dates. I am not a happy camper.

Plus on top of all of this I am sick right now which hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow. So tonight we are going to go to bed early get some extra sleep and hope that I feel better in the morning. I do not like being sick, but I do like the family doctor as I said in the earlier post. I like that he can cut jokes with me.


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