Stop sitting there!

So the cat and I are going to fight this morning! She keeps sitting on my wireless mouse, which means typing this right now has been a challenge…every time I get going really well she moves and my screen goes away because the mouse goes flying and the screen minimizes. REALLY! Can we please sit anywhere BUT on top of my mouse? It is not an egg it does not need to be kept warm, it will not hatch. I attempted to get a picture of her sitting on the mouse, but they were all too blurry. Of course the more I fussed at her the more she purred. Yup that’s what I said. The more I would go Creme come on please go lay down anywhere else in the house, she would purr and rub against me. I think she is trying to win me over for some cat hi-jinx later in the day… You never can tell with her. She’s sneaky! She also bites, so keep a close eye on her. Always watch her out of the corner of your eye like a teething 2 year old.

I know I am sick when I have to force myself to drink liquids. Normally I drink a lot of water every day. So far today I’ve only had 3 glasses and I’m looking at my glass like UGH water…..yeah I’m not feeling well. I’m sure I’ll also make some warm lemon and honey water later today to help soothe my throat and lemon and honey (it’s local honey) is good for its anti-bacterial properties. Hoping that wifey feels better today. I’m a little concerned I might have infected her as well. She wasn’t feeling too great yesterday. I am going to make sure she has some hot tea with lemon to go to work with her too.

So the cat wanted in the garage, she meowed and meowed to go in there, WHY??? NO CLUE! (Okay there is wet food in there she wanted, but she wasn’t getting wet food day, it’s dry food today). So I let her in the garage, and it’s cold in there, so I told her to go in there, well she’s smart so her tail was in the door frame so I couldn’t close it. So I told her all the way in so she jumped in and I closed the door. Then as I figured she meowed to come back in “Sorry no room in the Inn” wifey “You know she is going to blame me for this even though I had NOTHING to do with it, she will continue to LOVE on you, and think you are the BEE’S KNEES.” Me chuckling “Yup, pretty much!” So she stopped meowing temporarily, and then she started back up and of course I let her back in the house and I said as I opened the door “I’m sorry Miss, No room in the Inn” with a heavy Russian accent. Wifey just shook her head and laughed as she finished her oatmeal and got ready to leave.

The cat and I really do have this special relationship which is funny since she has only lived with me for about 3 years, but she’s been with Wifey since she was about 7 weeks old. Creme loves me more! I remember when we decided to move her over here. Wifey who obviously was girlfriend was spending a lot of time over here she was getting ready to move over here when her lease ran out while we decided were our relationship was going. I had grown up with cats, so I was fine having a cat running around the house. My sister was living with me, so she was fine with a cat running around the house. At first Creme wasn’t sure about her new environment, but it didn’t take long for Wifey to realize that Creme was very happy here. Once Creme approved Wifey knew that this would be long term.

Update: I will put a picture of the cat and you will just have to believe me that my mouse is under her. There was no good way of taking the picture were you could see the mouse!


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