So I have the whole lung infection thing going on. I have been monitoring my oxygen levels and they haven’t been great, but still normal. I know a lot of that has to do with the temperatures, the rain and the lung infection. I have to remind myself to take deep breaths. I remember in the hospital the nurses would say that to me, especially in ICU with the blood clot and the pneumonia I would look at them like dude! I have a massive blood clot, pneumonia and you want me to take a deep breath…SERIOUSLY!!! Of course they doped me up on morphine to help with the pain so that helped. I tried not to take the pain killers unless I really needed them because the heavy pain killers made me sleepy and suppressed my breathing which of course then caused my need for deep breaths! It’s one of those can’t win type of cycles…

Of course every time I put the pulse ox meter on my finger I start taking deeper breaths so my levels start going up so I have a feeling that isn’t giving me the best picture of what is going on, but it is giving me a pretty good idea. Earlier I was at 92% and I thought oh that’s not good, so I took my deep breaths and I jumped up to 97% and I thought okay that’s where I’ve been. Now let me say that 92% when you have an acute lung infection like I have is not surprising but this is why I have the meter in the first place! I also have a feeling that is why I am having the issues with the feeling light headed. So I’m keeping a close eye on that. What concerns me the most is that I’m not coughing anything up, I would be feeling better if I was coughing stuff up at this point. I’m sure you are thinking why do you want to be coughing stuff up? Well something is in my lungs, and it needs to get out, and the fact that my stats are dropping is not a good sign. So if we continue on this path I will be back at the doctor early next week and if I get much worse I will be at the ER. Only saving grace is I’m not running a fever and no new symptoms.


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