I’m re-tired

There is a meme about being re-tired. Meaning I was tired yesterday and I am tired again today so I am re-tired! I know that staying up all night long yesterday has thrown my body off it’s natural sleep cycle and so everything is out of wack. Hoping to get back on my normal cycle today. Went to bed at our normal time, woke up at my normal time so so far so good. Today I plan on making a few calls getting some appointments set up and resting. My heart rate is going fast every time I’m up and moving. So I’m trying to sit so it’s only like 90 beats per minute (yes I know that’s still pretty fast).

I’m always tired. I try to keep moving and do a little every day, but some days are better than others. Today is a bad day. My leg hurts, my arm hurts, my shoulders hurts fibromyalgia sucks! I am watching the new Eva Longoria’s new comedy “Telenovela.” It’s interesting to say the least! I like that I can watch it totally in Spanish! I think its funny that the main character doesn’t know Spanish. Her show is written in Spanish so the new Network President talks to her in Spanish and she has no clue what he is saying. It was hilarious!

Before all this happened I lived in Martinique and I spoke a little French, but that didn’t stop me and one of my classmates from going down to the port where the cruise ships would disembark and pretend to be locals. We would pretend not to speak English which was funny because they would come and ask for directions because we definitely looked like we should speak English! We would hang out for a bit and have fun and then go to the beach or back to our apartments. We would shop or have fun in downtown square before going back to finish our homework.

I have a lot of really good memories of living abroad and I’m glad I did. I’m glad I studied in Martinique and Spain before all this happened. I have a new appreciation of my experiences. It amazing how at the time you are having fun and you see all these amazing things, you have these adventures and you are just living. You are just having fun. You don’t think a lot about it. Then things happen and you look back and you have a new perspective on everything. You remember all the adventures with a new love.

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