So apparently the Washington, D.C. area is going to get 6 feet of snow!

Okay I know only 2…

I love how everyone is going to the store clearing the shelves of milk, bread and toilet paper. Which I get toilet paper because who wants to be stuck in the house without toilet paper? The bread I get because you can make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, you can even do meat and cheese because luncheon meat will stay in a cooler if you lose power. The milk is where I don’t get. I guess people eat a lot of cereal when it snows.

I am not thrilled about the pending snow. I do not want it to snow, I would like it NOT to snow. I would like to skip over this part of winter. I am hoping the lights stay on for all affected by the snow. I also hope that anyone who does have to be out in the snow stay safe. I know there are people who have to be driving in the snow for various reasons, but please if you do not need to be out in the snow stay home.

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