Snow in the South

The south is not accustomed do getting large quantities of snow, so to hear that we may get 2+ FEET of snow everyone is in PANIC mode. The snow has officially started and everyone is frozen in fear. Okay now I’m just being melodramatic for the fun. I am ready for the snow, it’s pretty to watch out of the window. I have been taking pictures of it every hour. Depending on which meteorologist you listen to depends on how much snow I should be receiving. I’ll believe it when the storm is over. They all seem to add a few inches for good measure when it comes to snow!

My one hope is that we don’t lose power. I can deal with not being able to leave the house as long as I have heat. I did fill the bathtub with water just in case. Of course this means the cat has been meowing at her reflection which has been causing me to giggle! She’s a nutty one!

I was thinking of different things to get ready prior to the storm, making sure I had some canned soup in case we lost power so I would have something to eat, bottled water, made sure we had food for both pets, made sure we had medications and all that good stuff. I am not a newbie when it comes to snow storms. I plan on taking pictures and binge watching Netflix. The best place to be is inside safe and warm.

I did charge my battery, and then I charged my charger to make sure that if we lose power I can charge my stimulator again. With the cold wet weather I have been hurting a LOT more. My hardware in my back hurts, my scars itch and I am just exhausted. I am about ready to give up. I hope we don’t get too many of these storms because my body just can’t handle it.

So much has changed and I am going to be getting more films to see hopefully what is going on and getting some answers very soon. I am going to get my knees looked at and get some direction on where I need to go there. I am working on getting this body pieced back together bit by bit. I think I need to write a song or two haha Actually I need to work on more material for my non-existent comedy routine.


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