The cat is too cozy

Okay so I don’t know if it’s because my wife is snowed in at her brother’s house, the snow or the cat is up to no good…maybe its a combination of all 3. The cat has been cozying up to me and she has been laying with her head on my leg sleeping soundly. I think this might be to get close to me so she can kill me in my sleep. With the wife snowed in at her brother’s house I think the cat feels she has the opportunity to kill me without a witness. Actually I think the cat secretly misses my wife but she would never admit that so she has to be cozy.

I have been binge watching “Blue Bloods” on Netflix which has been good because that means I have been staying off my sprained knee. I am not good about following doctor’s orders but with about 2 feet of snow outside the door it’s been good to sit and rest for a bit. It’s hard to do, I am stubborn.

I will be glad when the wifey can make it home again. It’s way to quiet without her around. I miss the conversations. We’ve been texting and calling, but it’s not the same as being in the same room giving each other goofy glances. Me sticking my tongue out at her and singing show tunes. Oh yeah I can sing have I said that yet? I love to sing and write poetry. I enjoy the arts a lot growing up I was in band and played several musical instruments.


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