Pain in the neck

Pain in the neck! I have been losing feeling in my arms and hands and that got me a one way ticket to the cat scan machine! YAY ME! I am going to get a scan of my neck to see if there is something wrong with my c-spine. I go see the spinal specialist on Tuesday. So I won’t have to wait long for the results. I also have to get xrays of my back too. I am so used to this at this point.

A family member had a child diagnosed with an illness this week and I thought about how much your life changes when you get a chronic illness diagnosis. When I was told I had to be on blood thinners for 6 months to a year it was overwhelming, but there was a time frame. I know when my end is, I know when I can say goodbye to the weekly blood checks, I know when I can say goodbye to the diet restrictions and HELLO BROCCOLI SOUFFLE! Trust me when I am off coumadin that will be my first dinner, I already told the wifey! When you get the diagnosis of say fibromyalgia it’s for life. You don’t get an end date you wake up every day and you feel tired, you hurt. You don’t get to think in 6 months I will get a reprieve.

I think about all the little changes we’ve had to make since my surgeries, since the blood clots. The assistive devices I use on a daily basis, how I change how I go about do things and just how I move. I am wearing a knee brace because of my knee sprain and that is putting added pressure on my bad knee. I am working on getting everything looked at and pieced back together but its a slow process. I got to reschedule appointments now because we got snow and businesses closed because roads were bad.

I had a moment this morning. I try to not have many of those because let’s be honest with all the health issues if I let all the health issues overwhelm me I probably would cry. I was washing my hair and it was coming out in clumps. So now I gotta make another appointment with my doctor and have a discussion with him about this. If we were closer to spring I would make a joke about shedding for warmer weather, but alas we are not close enough for that joke.

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