Loud noises do not please me!

So I ventured out in what’s left of the snow yesterday to get my xrays and my cat scan. I’m sitting at the hospital and someone decided it would be the PERFECT day to check the fire alarm system…REALLY??!!! So we hear “CODE RED PRE-OP” The alarm is blaring. I cover my ears because I am overly sensitive to loud noises and bright lights, so the strobes that are also going off are also just as annoying. So I look over to the radiology desk to see if we need to evacuate and the nurse is just sitting at the desk. So I know this is just a drill. When I taught which feels like eons ago we did fire drills every month so I’m very familiar.

So I sit with my hands over my ears, and look out the window to try not to look at the strobing lights. Finally after about 10 minutes the alarms turn off. The nurse looks up at me and tells me only a few more minutes. I tell her thank you. They pull me back for my CT scan and apologize for the delay. It didn’t really bother me, I mean it’s a hospital and yeah I had an appointment but I know that if anyone comes in who is more important than I am needs that CT machine they are going first and when they decided to test the fire alarm they had to go through different steps, so it was all good.

So now we wait until my spinal specialist can look at the imaging and see where we are. This is where we it’s a catch 22, you don’t want anything to be wrong with the CT, but at the same time my arms are going numb. So I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

The radiologist who did my x-rays has done them multiple times at this point and she was laughing about me being back AGAIN. I told her I just couldn’t get enough of her shining personality. At the rate I am going I can have a deck of playing cards made with all my xrays. It’s all good, I mean I know they are being careful and watching me closely especially after that blood clot came out of nowhere in October and I prefer it this way honestly. I mean I would much rather them check the progress and err on the side of caution. Yes I understand the risk of the radiation, and we do have to balance that and the healing. However the blood clot almost killed me so I think right now we have to watch to make sure I don’t have any more complications. Lord knows I don’t need or want any more complications, 2016 is my year!

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